-80 °C

-80 °C

Cold temperatures for storage of laboratory samples need a lot of energy and are hard to keep. An ideal sealing, optimal pull-down and easy maintenance protects the researcher and the sample. Learn about the background of freezing samples down to -80 °C.

  • The core of a freezer
  • Technologies to achieve environmental-friendly freezing
  • Speed up pull-down time
  • Ergonomics and Freezers
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Freezer Challenge 2020: Optimize Your Cold Storage Practices!

-80°C is needed for storage of many high-value samples but ULT freezers consume energy - how can we optimize the usage of ULT freezers? The...

Cleaning Needs of Freezer Obvious?

When the snowman or glacier within the ULT freezer is greeting you, there is definitely some work to do. Clean and well-maintained freezers provide...

Air or Water?

Reliable -80°C are generated by passive support (i.e. insulation or gaskets) as well as by active cooling via the compressors. The compressors are...

Footprint Versus Efficiency

ULT freezers are available as upright freezer or chest freezers. Both design have pros and cons.

International Freezer Challenge 2019: Optimizing Your Cold Storage Practices?

Global warming is a challenge for mankind on earth. Sustainability discussions primarily focus on energy consumption of devices. Even environmentally...

Performance of ULT Freezers

The performance of a ULT freezer is based on its ability to cool your valuable samples. One of the most obvious aspects to rate the performance of a...

Ergonomics? For a Freezer?

For sure, the total weight of a ULT freezer is far less important for you as an user compared to a pipette (whereas it might be of interest floor...

The Core of Cooling - The Compressors

Within a ULT freezer, there are parts which support cooling passively (e.g. insulation or gaskets) as well as active cooling parts as the compressors....

CFC, HFC, HC? – Just a Green One, Please.

Global warming is a challenge for all of us to work together to overcome. Besides direct CO2 emissions, the hydrofluorocarbons used in cooling systems...

9 Articles