Press “Start" to PCR with a Mastercycler®

Press “Start" to PCR with a Mastercycler®

Take part in our quick Mastercycler® PCR quiz

The very first Eppendorf thermal cycler ‘Microcycler E’ was introduced in 1990, not long after Kary Mullis invented the PCR technique in 1985. Today, the Mastercycler® name is now the ‘gold standard’ and synonymous for Precise, Consistent and Reliable (PCR) results, from a brand you know you can trust.

So how much do you really know about PCR and our Mastercycler®? Press "start" to test your knowledge! Answers to all questions can be found on our website at the links indicated. All correct entries will also qualify to download a ‘Certified Mastercycler’ certificate upon completion.

1. Which year did Eppendorf introduce its first thermal cycler using heat and water to cool? Need help?

2. How many different Mastercycler thermal cycler variants does Eppendorf offer? (including Mastercycler X50 , Mastercycler nexus and Mastercycler nexus X2) Need help?

3. Which tube formats can the Mastercycler nexus accommodate? Need help?

4. What is the meaning behind 'Gradient with SteadySlope® technology'? Need help?

5. Mastercycler nexus X2 allows two totally independent protocols to be run at the same time, but what is the configuration of the split-block? Need help?

6. What is the tested power consumption for Mastercycler nexus, during a typical PCR program? Need help? (page 3)

7. What is the tested noise level for Mastercycler nexus, during a typical PCR program? Need help? (page 4)

8. What does 'flexlid® concept' mean in relation to the Mastercycler? Need help? (page 8)

9. How many PCR Mastercycler X50 units can be combined in a network and operated by the CycleManager X50 software application? Need help?

10. With a ramp rate of up to 10 °C/s how quick is a standard 3-step PCR run with the Mastereycler X50? Need help?

11. What are the benefits of fixing each of the 6 Mastercycler peltier elements at the center point instead of mounting at the sides of each pelter? Need help?

12. Which setting on the Mastercycler can be used to facilitate amplification of 'difficult' templates - for example when amplifying GC-rich targets? Need help? (page 3)

13. Which best describes the innovative 2D-Gradient function of the Mastercycler X50? Need help?

14. What result can be achieved using Mastercycler X50 in combination with Eppendorf Fast PCR Tube Strips? Need help?

15. What is recommended in case of no or low amplification? Need help?