Is Your PCR Consumable Compatible with Your Thermal Cycler?

PCR thermal cyclers are used with different consumables, depending on the amount and volume of the sample. But if a plate or tube fits into the well of the PCR thermal cycler does not mean that its performance is optimal.

One cannot watch the sample in the PCR thermal cycler once it is started, so how can you be sure that the consumable:

  1. Fits the well optimal?
  2. Touches the lid of the PCR machine to prevent evaporation?
  3. Transfers heat ideally?
  4. Is not crushed by too much pressure of the lid?


You can either try different consumables and see the result after your first run…sometimes with a bad surprise, wasted sample, and reagents, or you first check our PCR consumables compatibility list for your PCR thermal cycler and qPCR thermal cycler.

Our experienced application specialists checked all plates with different PCR machine models in real PCR runs to prove the functionality and reliability of the consumables.

Download our Application Note 266: Eppendorf PCR Consumables – Compatibility Guide for PCR and qPCR Cyclers to get all the information on compatibility with your PCR and qPCR thermal Cycler.