Did you know

Did you know

PCR has gone through many evolutions that qualifies it to become a study on its own. From simple to profound, virtually all users of any skill-level can achieve something with PCR. Thermal cyclers, reagents, consumables, methodologies – every single aspect was improved on by generations of scientists and innovators, making it a flexible and robust technique. But exactly how much do you know about PCR beyond the basics?
This section has a collection of articles on the less visited but no less important aspects of PCR. The knowledge here will help you get more out of your PCR:

  • how to speed up your PCR
  • how to increase yield
  • how to ensure and improve accuracy, reproducibility, sensitivity
  • environmental considerations
  • prevention and troubleshooting strategies
8 Articles

Finalizing the Run with Amplicons in Your Negative Control?

The major topic for PCR labs is contamination: The big “C-threat” and how you can reduce the risk of it to a minimum. Best-practices, logic...

Molecular Diagnostics – Chances to Discover New Innovations

Interest in the molecular diagnostic field has been gaining momentum lately and while molecular diagnostic takes a relatively small portion of the...

From Research to Commerce - The Story Behind Novel Therapeutic Development

The line between academia and commerce has blurred tremendously over the past few years. Not only do big companies actively invest in university...

Eyes on Cancer Therapy - From University and Hospital to Start-up

For this issue we have interviewed Dr. Harri Sihto, a 42-years-old researcher and entrepreneur. Dr. Sihto is the Chairman of the Board at Sartar...

Who Was First?

PCR was a milestone in biological research as it opened the door to many possibilities for gene manipulation and detection. The concept of PCR was put...

Mine is The Fastest Cycler Ever. Really?

Remember technical descriptions of new PCR-cyclers promising you heat ramps of 8 °C/s? But when you ran the unit yourself, the average speed was...

Do You Feel Well Near Your PCR Cycler?

Technical specifications, performance, pricing – there are many hard facts for PCR cyclers which are obvious. On the other side, there are softer...

1D-Gradient? 2D-Gradient??

You’ve heard of 4D cinema, 4D digital printing, etc.… Now, gradients too come in dimensions?!

8 Articles