Europe Is Celebrating Biotechnology – Be Part of This Event

Biotechnology – Europe linked by one topic. European scientists, universities and biotech companies are celebrating biotechnology. This transnational event will take place over the course of one week.


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Biotechnology – the science which relies on living organisms to create useful everyday products – is present at every turn. You’ll find it in the healthcare, agriculture, pharmaceutical and food industries. Biotechnology allows people to address their most common needs in a reliable and regulated way. The corresponding production processes are carried out with microorganisms such as bacteria and yeast, animal cell cultures or by utilizing natural substances that stem from these organisms, like enzymes. Today, it's hard to imagine producing new washing powders, natural flavors or vaccines without modern, genetic engineering based biotechnology.

European Biotechnology Week

The first European Biotechnology Week was held 60 years after the DNA molecule structure was discovered, one of the most crucial findings in modern life. Although only three years old, the event has experienced steady growth. This year, Biotechnology Week takes place from September 26 to October 2 at several different venues in more than 10 European countries - and you can be involved.

Open to everyone

Whether you are organizing an activity with your company, institute or university, or participating in some of the events in your country, you can be part of this big celebration. There are many ways to promote biotechnology. Over the last three years, there has been a wide range of very different events: science cafes, seminars, workshops, company site visits, artistic performances, conferences, live demonstrations and much more. The activities have been attended by primary school children, as well as scientists. And the general public had the chance to meet biotech experts. This year represents another chance to learn, experiment and have fun. Don't miss out!

The details

For more information, visit the official website at Find out about places to go, events to visit and workshops to participate in. You may also get ideas on how to initiate your own exciting, creative or informative event.