Beyond the Products - Stories about Pipetting

Beyond the Products - Stories about Pipetting

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Every 3 Seconds Someone in the World Is Affected by Alzheimer's

Show your true colors: Go purple for Alzheimer's awareness. Dementia is a widespread brain disease that can affect anyone. Take action and demonstrate...

Liquid Biopsy: Novel Methods May Ease Cancer Detection and Therapy

Breakthrough in individualized cancer treatment? US scientists are working on new methods to detect cancer in blood samples. The so-called liquid...

What You Need to Know about Antibiotic Resistance – Findings, Facts and Good Intentions

Increasing antimicrobial resistance requires the development of new substances and the responsible use of existing antibiotics. This needs...

Science in Food – Probiotics, Flavorings & Co

Science in everyday life: Food-biotechnology - Biotechnology can make a substantial contribution to the efficient use of resources, yield optimization...

It’s a Perfect Day to Become a Life-Saver

How to be a Hero - Many anonymous blood donors save lives every day. Become one of them!


How Many Will Be Convicted This Time?

Ole, ole, ole - oho… - While the teams are warming-up for the European Championship, we take a look behind the scenes - directly into doping habits...

Small volumes and varying liquids - a challenge for pipettes and their users

Small Volumes and Varying Liquids – A Challenge for Pipettes and Their Users

Precise Pipetting of challenging liquids - there are a number of liquids in daily lab work which are hard to pipette accurately. Reliable results can...

27 Articles
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